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Day gives way to night
From the night comes the black
Minutes go to hours
That I’ll never have back

As I sit here the while
It’s too heavy for my hands
Carrying the weight of decades
As I watch the ivory sands

My only company is Mary now
Whenever she touches my lips
I forget about the bitter world
My mind in euphoric eclipse

Day gives way to night
And once more the black is here
I close my eyes and breathe
I am both doll and puppeteer
Daydreaming by Redshade5150
So I think I've decided on the names Rin and Hikari for the yandere girl and her crush.

Anyway, every yandere pictures their wedding day at least once, right? But what if they can't make up their mind about how it'd go?
Hobbies And Habits by Redshade5150
Hobbies And Habits
So I still haven't decided on a name for her or her crush...

But here's a few more pics to show her on a more personal level when she isn't with her crush.
I'm debating on doing a character sheet for some statistics about her now once she has a name but don't know yet. Anybody know any relatively simple yandere character sheets?
Yandere OC Needing Name by Redshade5150
Yandere OC Needing Name
Made a yandere girl and her crush with this character creator (…)
The yandere girl is anemic so she gets cold a lot, loves baking, is very shy and a closet pervert. Her crush is her best friend and has no idea. She's a gamer girl and is somewhere between the girly type and a tomboy.

They still need names if anybody has any ideas :p
Once they have names I may make a few more pics of them.
Feel free to use them in stories and such too if you're in need of characters. Just be sure to Credit or somethin and post a link to where you use them in the comments so I get to see their shenanigans :3


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Hello ladies, gentlemen, literate mammoths, self aware refrigerators and other sentient life on the internet. Welcome to the other side. I'm your guide and possibly psychiatrist... (depending on how long you stay), Redshade5150. My friends, assuming their not just medication induced hallucinations, just call me Red.
Fullmetal Alchemist
Envy often takes the form of the people he/she kills as a method of deception or infiltration. The moral? Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

Death Note
Anyone whose name is written inside the death note will die. The moral? Nothings more meaningful than handwritten sentiments.

Mirai Nikki
Murmur sold out Deus for Yuno. Deus met privately with 9th and gave her his arm and powers. The moral? Once you get a better girl, you'll be done using your hand.

School Days
Makoto had two amazing girls to choose from yet slept with almost every girl at school. As karma would have it he is later killed by Sekai and beheaded by Kotonoha for his nonstop cheating. The moral? Popularity with girls is great but don't lose your head over it.

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lemur97 Featured By Owner May 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I wish I had the guts to write the kind of things you write!  Love your work, I can't wait to see more! :clap:
Redshade5150 Featured By Owner May 4, 2014
thank you so much, thats very kind of you to say.
haha it actually comes quite... naturally. at least, the more yandere stuff does~
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